Encodulator 8/16/24 HDMI + ASI + USB + IP a ISDB-T



Encoder HDMI + Modulador ISDB-T de 8/16/24 Entradas. Codifica, multiplexa los canales de entrada y Modula la salida. Multiplexado con funciones avanzadas. Salidas RF, IP y ASI.

COL5011V es un Encodulator (Encoder y Modulador) profesional de alto desempeño. Incluye funciones de encoder, multiplexado y modulación. Soporta 8/16/24 entradas HDMI, 1 Entrada ASI, 1 USB y 128 entradas IP a través de una interface GE. Salida y entrada IP de 1Gbps. Modula 6/16 canales de salidas, no adyacentes, en ISDB-T.
8/16/24 HDMI inputs, MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 Video encoding
1 ASI input for re-mux
128 IP input over UDP and RTP via GE port
Each carrier out channel process maximum 32 IP from the GE port(UDP&RTP protocol)
MPEG1 Layer II, LC-AAC and HE-AAC Audio encoding, AC3 Pass Through and audio gain adjustment
Support 12 groups multiplexing/DVB-C modulating
Support 8 groups multiplexing/DVB-T/ATSC modulating---Optional
Support 6 (or 16) groups multiplexing/ISDB-T modulating---Optional
Support 1 ASI out as mirror of one of RF output carriers---Optional
Support 12 MPTS IP output over UDP, RTP/RTSP –DVB-C RF out
Support 8 MPTS IP output over UDP, RTP/RTSP-- DVB-T/ATSC RF out
Support 6 (or 16) MPTS IP output over UDP, RTP/RTSP-- ISDB-T RF out
Support LOGO, Caption and QR code insertion
Support PID remapping/ accurate PCR adjusting/PSI/SI editing and inserting
Control via web management, and easy updates via web